What’s It Worth?

I was at the mall today doing a bit of early Christmas shopping when I saw a washi tape that stated “Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy.” I didn’t buy the tape, but it seems like the statement has stuck with me. That really shouldn’t surprise me, though, because my current situation in life has been all about assessing my level of happiness.

I’m not entirely happy with how things are, as my previous post made it apparent. However, I’m currently unable to make the changes I want because doing so would mean financial troubles. But upon much reflection, I’ve decided that I could, and would, make less drastic changes or do things that will still elevate my happiness.

Things like…

  • trying liquid lipstick
  • learning how to apply liquid lipstick
  • decluttering my room
  • applying nail polish in a color I love
  • being more deliberate with my interactions with my boyfriend
  • going through my laundry pile (which I really enjoy)
  • expressing my gratitude
  • playing with my nephew
  • joking around
  • cleaning my everyday bag
  • budgeting my money
  • listening to music more often
  • reading a book I really like

While writing the list, I’m actually surprised that there are so many things that make me happy. It’s a bit hard sometimes to feel anything because I struggle with depression, but I’m glad that I am able to recognize all the good things in my life.

I guess that, in general, life is still worth the effort because there are things and people that make me smile.



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